As an organization, Dandelion Dancetheater is a launching pad and creative home for several ongoing, in-depth projects. 

Most projects involve multiple branches of Dandelion, and so stretch across categories. Still, we find the following breakdown (into four main categories) to be a useful  way of describing what we do: 



I. Projects Directed by Eric Kupers

Bandelion is Eric’s Core Performance Research Ensemble. More info HERE


II. Projects Directed by Kimiko Guthrie

–Kimiko moves between creating group performance works, solo works and creative writing. She is currently on sabbatical from directing and choreographing with Dandelion in order to finish her first novel. Stay tuned for details. More info HERE


III. Projects Co-Directed by Guthrie and Kupers

–Kimiko and Eric sometimes co-direct projects, both large and small. For more info see our LIST OF WORKS

–Currently Kimiko and Eric are serving as outside eyes and sounding boards for each other’s creative adventures.


IV. Classes and Workshops

–Dandelion Dancetheater leads classes and workshops for people of all ages, abilities, background and body identities. Further information is HERE



A full list of works by Dandelion Dancetheater and Bandelion is HERE



Photo by Elizabeth Gorelik