Friend was created and performed by Bandelion as part of a CounterPULSE Artistic Residency in 2010-11–with support from the San Francisco Foundation, CounterPULSE, and numerous individual donors.

Friend Performer/Collaborators: Cristina Carrasquillo, Patrick Cashman, Patrick Cress, Dana DeGuzman, Dorine Hoeksema, Mickey Kay, Eric Kupers, Heather Lukens, Keith Penney, Mantra Plonsey, David Ryther and Stacz Sadowski, with guest artists Kegan Marling and Matt Payne

The following video was shot by Lauren R. Robertson and edited by Eric Kupers.

Photos were taken by Dana Ulman.



FRIEND PHOTOS (click on any photo to view a larger version)

5591503658_l Friend Lobby Display by Eric Kupers, Mickey Kay and Sharon Mussen
5591497230_l Sculpture by Sharon Mussen
Bandelion Stacz Dorine light Stacz Sadowski, Dorine Hoeksema
Bandelion Friend Sue Counterpulse Sue Roginski, David Ryther, Patrick Cress
Bandelion Friend projections Stacz Sadowski, Dorine Hoeksema
Bandelion Friend Eric Drum Counterpulse  Eric Kupers
bandelion friend band counterpulse 1 David Ryther, Keith Penney, Mantra Plonsey (on ladder), Patrick Cress, Stacz Sadowski, Heather Lukens (on shoulders)
5591459522_l Dana DeGuzman, Dorine Hoeksema
5591327448_l Cristina Carrasquillo, David Ryther, Mantra Plonsey, Keith Penney
5591239774_l Shadow of Wire Sculpture by Sharon Mussen
5590573149_l  Heather Lukens
 Bandelion_Friend_Mickey_Basketball_Chair Mickey Kay  
      Bandelion_Friend_Mickey_Anne_CounterPulseAnne-lise Ruesswig and Mickey Kay
5591389950_l Dorine Hoeksema, Anne-lise Reusswig
 5591111306_l     Cristina Carrasquillo 
 5590858557_l  Anne-lise Reusswig, Sue Roginski, Dorine Hoeksema, Dana DeGuzman, Wire Man