Naked Dancer
A vibrant ecosystem of naked bodies, challenging cultural notions about body, image, beauty and death.

We spent six years investigating  human beings’ very complex relationship to the body. In the Undressed Project, Dandelion used naked dance/theater to uncover the inherent richness, interconnection and impermanence of all bodies as well as the blocks that get in the way of experiencing such a perspective. We explored connections between body image confusion and an aversion to facing our mortality and created numerous work in progress dance/theater collages, as well as the full-length works Night Marsh (2004) and Anicca  (2006) and the irreverent Testiculish (2007.) “Anicca” is the Pali word for “impermanence” as it’s spoken of in the early Buddhist tradition. “Impermanence” of the body became the central theme for us as The Undressed Project evolved.

Please Note: This project contains full nudity and is intended for audiences watching as part of artistic/spiritual inquiries, and not sexual objectification. Please view respectfully and responsibly.


Below are video excerpts of Anicca. Photos of the project are by Luiza Silva.








ANICCA PHOTOS  (click on the photos to view a larger version)