Dandelion at BAC – Culmination 1

Dandelion Dancetheater has now completed our “Don’t Suck!”
residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.
We had a public performance/competition Tuesday night, Sept.
7th, and it was a huge success on many levels. It was both a rich evening of
interdisciplinary live art, and an experiment yielding very important data. We
learned a tremendous amount and have our work cut out for us during the next
leg of our journey with this project.
A particular luxury of this residency is that we scheduled
the culminating performance a day before we left the center, giving us a day of
processing and integration—as well as more relaxed clean-up. I’ll be sorting
through all that I have learned for a while to come. Below are parting
refletions by some of the ensemble.
I asked everyone to respond to these questions, or else to
write anything that felt important to them to share:
DAVID: New York. I wanted to work hard and learn something
about myself. I also learned something about rats and how they all work hard to
survive. I did work hard and I think I learned how fun that can be and how days
off are much more satisfying when you’re working 12 hours a day.  I was surprised at my competitive
streak and had a lot of compassion for the millions of people and rats and
roaches who work hard everyday to all get along and compete for space and
resources. We all had to find a way not to suck and we didn’t. Mr. Baryshnikov
stayed for the second half, so there must have been something there.
HEATHER: I wanted to gain further physical strength, modern
dance training and discipline for working long hours toward a divine art piece.
What was difficult was that I am someone who wears her heart on her sleeve
& I had emotions that rose swiftly and intensely during the competition
like some kind of inconsiderate tempest. This caused me to struggle through a
period of self-doubt/hatred and as usual I wanted to run away . . . but I
didn’t. Loving people talked me through it as did the lovely part of myself and
I came to a place where things were clearer and thusly felt safe. I believe
that all the hard work we each put in made the ultimate performance (in front
of Mikhail Baryshnikov himself) a veritable transformational gift to the
audience. I am infinitely grateful for the NYC “Don’t Suck” residency
CLEVELAND: When I came to New York I was happy that  I knew it would end. I liked being
there but I didn’t like knowing what was waiting for me when I got back.  I had a guide that took me to
uninteresting places. I think it was mainly because it was more convenient. My
piece turned out very well. Better than it should have. That was pleasing,
probably the best part of the trip. 
I mean it’s not that the dancers are bad , its that i’m not the best
choreographer. In fact it wouldn’t have turned out well if it wasn’t for the
amazing dancers. Uh ran out of things to say…    Okay I just remembered that
I went to the beach twice and never got in the water. I
didn’t even have swim pants on either occasion. The hotel we were in was so
fancy and had such a spectacular view that I stood up all night watching the
sky change color. That was worth the trip. It was a good trip and now I can say
that I went somewhere for summer vacation.
had a good time in New York.  
Me and my bro’s  
piece  were the best  I think.  I spent  
most of   my  time  walking  around
.  I’m scared  about the  homework to catch up on. But I’m also happy  that I’ll  get  back to my
house.  It was fun to  meet  Misha.
The  apartment
was nice  there  was a grate view.
DANA: I had always dreamed of moving to New York, so I
looked forward to this trip to begin with. Although I wasn’t able to see all
the tourist spots around the city, I was perfectly fine with it and actually
preferred this. I felt like a real New Yorker, staying in Brooklyn, taking the
subway to Manhattan, and working for 8 hours a day for six days a week, just
creating and dancing. I must admit that this was the most dancing I had ever
done in my life, but loved every moment of it. But its nice to come home.

STACZ: The physical demands were harsh and I wish to train more in
endurence. As for strength I was surprised that I have become much stronger. It
all had an expected surprise to it, so I don’t know if I can consider it a
surprise because I know I will be asked to do something I hate and have to do
it anyways. But in the end it will be a dynamic show. I have nothing else. That’s

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